Thursday, December 10, 2009

Curing Hip Bursitis? I may be!

Well as I mentioned in my last post, my time seems to be more and more limited. I have spent ALOT of time working on myself. As you could tell from reading past posts (or if you are new) I have been dealing with hip bursitis for about a year and a half. I got diagnosed with it while working at my last job. I was a coffee roaster and it is VERY physically demanding. Because of it, I dropped off the raw wagon and gained 30 lbs. I was working 60 hours a week so I ate what ever was available (always vegan of course). After leaving my job I have been able to get 1/2 of my life back. I dropped half of the weight and got back on track with my lifestyle.

I used to be an avid runner. I couldnt wake up in the morning without lacing up my shoes and heading out the door.  After being diagnosed with hip bursitis I couldn't walk without limping. My life completely changed. I was devastated and the thought of never being able to be active was killing me.

I started taking MSM and it helped DRAMATICALLY with my inflammation and overall pain. I was able to lightly jog and not be keeled over in pain. It took about a week for me to notice any benefits and about a month to notice amazing benefits. Some days my pain was completely gone....others it was just barely there. My problem was remembering to take on days I had zero pain. When the pain is gone, you tend to focus on other things.

I am now running nearly at my peak from over 2 years ago and quickly moving even past that! I take my MSM after all my runs when my body is depleted and willing to absorb more vitamins and minerals. I figure that is the best time for it to go into those joints and rebuild! Somedays I will even take it before and after my runs. Especially if I plan on running higher mileage. My body is very sensitive to MSM and if I 'mega dose' then I have a very hard time sleeping. I have mega dosed twice now (taking twice the recommended value) in hopes to play 'catch up' and rebuild the damage to the joints I accrued over the last year or so.

I believe that MSM in conjunction to a 100% raw lifestyle is slowly curing me of my hip bursitis. Raw foods (fruits and veggies) are naturally inflammatory by design clearly making them the ideal foods, especially for ones with joint pain. Now, this has all been done with no physical therapy and no prescription medications. I am not saying to not consider those options but it is what worked for myself. I probably would have done physical therapy if I could have afforded it!

My hip bursitis is not completely gone and I can feel it hiding in my hips at times but I have found a way to manage it and subside it, making me able to go about living my life! Good things can happen when you take care of yourself! I hope I can stay on this path of freedom from pain but only time will tell.

If anyone out there has hip bursitis or any other bursitis for that matter dont give up hope. You have to fight to keep your body working at it's peak performance. I only hope the story can inspire people who deal with constant pain.

On my next post I want to talk about another 'supplement' (I really hate that word) I attribute to some of my running success. It keeps me feeling strong and powerful while giving me endurance!