Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update on banana cleanse frenzy and a new detox plan!

The previous detox with the bananas worked VERY well for me. So well in fact that I had to actually cut it short a day. First off, I will say that it was a great cleanse for me for the simple fact that I was able to stay on it! Yay for small victories. Being how I do have emotional ties and issues with food (from past, though still resurface) it is nice to have found something I am able to stick with. I was able to follow through with this cleanse with little to no emotional re-hashing of any kind and kept a positive up beat attitude the whole time. I never felt I was depriving myself  and was always able to set my eye on the prize. That was better nutritional absorption, better digestion and a clean slate to move towards a low fat, less gourmet lifestyle. 

I neither gained or lost any weight due to the high caloric intake which is fine by me. This was not meant for me to lose any weight. That would have just been an added bonus. What I didnt expect however was the INCREDIBLY painful detox I went through with my joints. This was all brand new to me. That was why I had to cut my cleanse short. It became to unbearable to cope with. Work was uncomfortable, sitting was uncomfortable and pardon me if this is to much information but my sex life was uncomfortable. When that is compromised, I am not a happy camper :)

There were two flip sides to the coin. On one side, I loved experiencing the pain in my joints because it made me wonder how much stress and toxins I had hiding deep down there. I wanted to keep going until the pain was gone. I really felt the bursitis leaving me. I actually saw a light at the end of this tunnel with my hip pain. I never thought I could heal this with a simple cleanse but I have hope now. 

On the other side of the coin, I was just in so much pain that it made my everyday life too difficult!

I have this brilliant plan in my head that I am hoping to execute and I am going to lay it out all here. If I can eventually CURE my hip bursitis and run again, then this could be huge! I could try and spread the word to all people suffering from arthritis and other joint problems. 

My plan is to slowly push this 'demon' out of me via a series of detoxes. For one week I will (starting today actually) I go back to my banana smoothie's which will consist of 4 (as opposed to the 5  I was doing) bananas, 1tbls. Maca powder, 1/4 cup water for blending and a handful of ice just to make it chilled... not icy. I will be leaving out the dates this time around I *think*. I may decide to splurge one day and throw one in there but for the most part it will be plain! I also may be throwing a bit of Camu Camu in there to help with my positive moods and to boost my vitamin C intake to help with both fighting off colds AND to help with absorption with my MSM. I am keeping MSM in my diet to assist with a faster recovery time with this bursitis. I am a fan of not just taking supplements to mask problems but to incorporate a healthy diet as well. This is what this is for me. I am cleansing to detox the toxins out of me as well as taking something to assist in the process.

For the week AFTER the banana frenzy I will eat 100% raw per usual BUT try and maintain as low ft of a diet as possible. I am not going to be too hard on me. I feel if I am too hard on myself then thats when bingeing on Raw ice cream's and cakes come in and we dont want that :)  I will just take it easy, maybe making some soups or something. 

The third week I will go BACK to banana frenzy! Starting just a day late (in leu  of Thanksgiving) where I am hoping my body would have recovered and healed itself with more nutrition. Then I can start again with the bananas and cleanse even further. I will continue on like this until I feel I have gotten those toxins OUT of my joints. This could happen sooner or later. Who knows, but I am commited to making this happen for myself. I NEED to repair and heal. 

I have been walking/jogging outside and oh my god do I miss it. I was out yesterday and saw this runner on the other side of the street and  I just about broke down in tears. I thought to myself "I'll get back there". I HAVE to get back there. God I was in stellar shape AND just never felt better in my life. Just lacing up and running! Best time of my life....EVER! I also like the idea of being in my 30's and being in better shape and looking hotter than I did in my 20's! Always an added bonus! :)

So I will blog about my progress and setbacks (hopefully there's none of those) the whole way through. Just bear with me. I am shorter on time now due to me attempting to be a bit more active and working more. Not to mention still making my relationship a priority. Family life and personal life always have to sync up in my opinion!