Saturday, August 7, 2010

More juicing! Hip detox?

I am feeling a bit of pain in my hips and am becoming a bit emotional so detoxing is certainly taking place. Since I am not juicing ALONE and am still consuming some solid food such as salads and raw bars, my detox isn't kicking my ass. I am starting to become a bit more reclusive and withheld as well, another common thing for me during detox!

Breakfast = Juice of

4 oranges
1 peach
2 apples
Large handful of spinach

Lunch = juice of

4 oranges
Large handful of spinach
4 medium carrots
Small handful of parsley

Pre dinner Kombucha

It is now gthe day after and for dinner I decided to beans over a big bed of lettuce with fresh avocados and salsa. It was tasty and makes for a great transition food!

This is all I am going to post on my juicing until I decide to go all out and juice exclusively. Since I am back in the transitioning phase of things I will just post on general health, recipes of raw food (with pictures of course) and general nutritional information!

Cheers and good health!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 3... still back at it! Plus, good dialog

So my energy levels have been pretty super these past couple of days. It feels nice to be back in the thick of things. Reading other raw blogs... more education.. raw forums and writing in this blog. I am sure given a month or so back in the raw world I feel the frustrations I have always felt. The frustrations of reading peoples strong opinions of feeling they know what's best for everyone else. The frustrations of  hearing how their raw lifestyle is best for ALL the other raw enthusiasts. *sigh*

But.... when we read through all of that, ultimately, we do gain new knowledge of new methods that could *potentially* work for us. I am a prime example of a cookie not fitting the mold. My raw journey has led me all over the place eating a broad spectrum of raw methods. Each new attempt is a learning experience and hopefully in the end, one will stick. Thats all we can hope for!



8:ish Breakfast juice =

5 large oranges
decent sized chunk of ginger
5 carrots (smaller in size but full in length. (Thats what she said))
handful of parsley

11:57am  Lunch juice (I should have juiced before this time but got lazy)

3 large oranges
2 large apples
chunk of ginger root
two cups (large handful) spinach (for the vitamin K, I have horrible circulation and veins)

This one is super tasty as well. Cant taste the 'green' one bit!

just documenting that it is 2:00 and I am hungry. I am thinking a raw bar might do the trick!

6:25 and its Kombucha tine!

I am nearing the end of my day at the shop and plan to go home and make a super large leafy green salad! Yesterday I topped it off with some raw sunflower seeds for a bit of protein and vitamin E.

"Just a quarter cup of these seeds is enough to make up for about 90% of the daily requirements of Vitamin E in the body"

I was hoping to add a little avocado to the mix but the store had no ripe ones. It made me sad :(

Thats all for today!

Cheers and good health!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day one back to juicing!

Well I felt incredible yesterday. I have not had that much energy or had been in that positive of a mood in a LONG time! It was wonderful! I wanted to document exactly what I had consumed and then my tentative plan over the next couple of days is to leave my blogger open and write down each meal and how I am feeling. Then at the end of the day I will post my entry. I figure it sounds like a good plan. It allows me to come back to it if I am busy at the shop.

Today's morning juice was...
5 oranges
1/2 bunch Kale
handful parsley
1/2 of a large cucumber

Already, with only half my juice consumed I feel flippin GREAT! I am so excited to be loving life again and to be feeling this energized. I have missed it!

For a mid pick me up I had a bottle of Kombucha and a raw foods bar.

Afternoon juice was...
1 pineapple
large handful of spinach
2 large apples

It was amazing and I'll be making that one again here very shortly!


Now it is time for some orange and ginger juice. This one is self explanatory. I am about to take some MSM so thought the o.j would be a great extra boost for absorption!

This is all for today. When I get home tonight I will be making a HUGE green leafy salad with peppers and cucumbers. Nommy!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

o.k, so I have been gone awhile!

Wow... so a lot of time has passed and I am as busy as I was before... if not busier. Well I mentioned in my last post that I was going o be making the move BACK to seattle. The move went decent but was disastrous for my health plan. Due to the stresses of both of us finding new work, I went back to eating a cooked vegan diet and it was a downward spiral from there. One thing I have noticed is that as much as I want to rebel and live a chaotic and spontaneous life... my body thrives on stability.

We decided to open up a cafe and create our own jobs. Hopefully this will allow/force us to have some stability in our lives (assuming we can stay in business). No more hopping from one job to the next year after year, getting antsy and moving far away.

There's as much backstory as is needed to get the point across that I have been slacking.  I never said being raw was easy!

So here I am.... back.... wanting to create the balance that is missing in my life. My body is rebelling, I feel like garbage and I have a sense of failure. Why is it the the thing that makes me feel the BEST so damn hard to maintain. Blarg! I feel good about diving in head first and picking right back up from where I left!

Today I started juicing with my brand new super awesome Breville juicer. I haven't juiced in nearly 6 months, since I left CA. Oranges, apples and peaches. It was wonderful. My system gave me a big hug and a 'it's about time' sigh.

I am going to take things one day at a time and not think to far into the future. Not to much planning. Step by step seeing how my body feels.

There's my brief little update. I havent forgotten about this blog and have every intention on continuing research and recipe development. Thanks to all that have shown interest in this blog. I would REALLY love it if there were some interactivity happening so by all means PLEASE submit questions and feedback.