Saturday, August 7, 2010

More juicing! Hip detox?

I am feeling a bit of pain in my hips and am becoming a bit emotional so detoxing is certainly taking place. Since I am not juicing ALONE and am still consuming some solid food such as salads and raw bars, my detox isn't kicking my ass. I am starting to become a bit more reclusive and withheld as well, another common thing for me during detox!

Breakfast = Juice of

4 oranges
1 peach
2 apples
Large handful of spinach

Lunch = juice of

4 oranges
Large handful of spinach
4 medium carrots
Small handful of parsley

Pre dinner Kombucha

It is now gthe day after and for dinner I decided to beans over a big bed of lettuce with fresh avocados and salsa. It was tasty and makes for a great transition food!

This is all I am going to post on my juicing until I decide to go all out and juice exclusively. Since I am back in the transitioning phase of things I will just post on general health, recipes of raw food (with pictures of course) and general nutritional information!

Cheers and good health!