Tuesday, August 3, 2010

o.k, so I have been gone awhile!

Wow... so a lot of time has passed and I am as busy as I was before... if not busier. Well I mentioned in my last post that I was going o be making the move BACK to seattle. The move went decent but was disastrous for my health plan. Due to the stresses of both of us finding new work, I went back to eating a cooked vegan diet and it was a downward spiral from there. One thing I have noticed is that as much as I want to rebel and live a chaotic and spontaneous life... my body thrives on stability.

We decided to open up a cafe and create our own jobs. Hopefully this will allow/force us to have some stability in our lives (assuming we can stay in business). No more hopping from one job to the next year after year, getting antsy and moving far away.

There's as much backstory as is needed to get the point across that I have been slacking.  I never said being raw was easy!

So here I am.... back.... wanting to create the balance that is missing in my life. My body is rebelling, I feel like garbage and I have a sense of failure. Why is it the the thing that makes me feel the BEST so damn hard to maintain. Blarg! I feel good about diving in head first and picking right back up from where I left!

Today I started juicing with my brand new super awesome Breville juicer. I haven't juiced in nearly 6 months, since I left CA. Oranges, apples and peaches. It was wonderful. My system gave me a big hug and a 'it's about time' sigh.

I am going to take things one day at a time and not think to far into the future. Not to much planning. Step by step seeing how my body feels.

There's my brief little update. I havent forgotten about this blog and have every intention on continuing research and recipe development. Thanks to all that have shown interest in this blog. I would REALLY love it if there were some interactivity happening so by all means PLEASE submit questions and feedback.