Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day one back to juicing!

Well I felt incredible yesterday. I have not had that much energy or had been in that positive of a mood in a LONG time! It was wonderful! I wanted to document exactly what I had consumed and then my tentative plan over the next couple of days is to leave my blogger open and write down each meal and how I am feeling. Then at the end of the day I will post my entry. I figure it sounds like a good plan. It allows me to come back to it if I am busy at the shop.

Today's morning juice was...
5 oranges
1/2 bunch Kale
handful parsley
1/2 of a large cucumber

Already, with only half my juice consumed I feel flippin GREAT! I am so excited to be loving life again and to be feeling this energized. I have missed it!

For a mid pick me up I had a bottle of Kombucha and a raw foods bar.

Afternoon juice was...
1 pineapple
large handful of spinach
2 large apples

It was amazing and I'll be making that one again here very shortly!


Now it is time for some orange and ginger juice. This one is self explanatory. I am about to take some MSM so thought the o.j would be a great extra boost for absorption!

This is all for today. When I get home tonight I will be making a HUGE green leafy salad with peppers and cucumbers. Nommy!