Friday, August 28, 2009

3 Day Juice Cleanse

It seems every so often (actually not often at all, but enough) that everyones digestive track needs a little attention. While living a raw foods lifestyle in itself can be cleansing, sometime it just isn't enough. This past week I have been exploring more with vegetables I have never used as well as more nuts and seeds and I believe that it could be responsible for some serious bloating and cramps. I consider myself to be incredibly in tune with my body and these past two to three days has not been 'My Normal'.

I am preparing myself today for a 3 day juice feast so I can cleanse, detox and heal my system from it's current problems. There are of course other reasons in which a juice feast seems like a excellent idea. I have recently begun a process called 'BODY BRUSHING' in which it's believed you can remove toxins and improve skin circulation (among other things) by massaging a soft natural bristle brush on your body before showering. I believe these two processes can go hand in hand and in fact they can work together to deepen detoxification results.

My plan for the following 3 days is as follows:

BREAKFAST~ Green Juice of some kind. It might be different every morning. One things is for certain and that will be that it will include spinach. I will require that for my energy source to start off the day as I have no plans on reducing my work out intensity.

SNACK~ Fruit juices of various kinds. I have grown particularly fond of Orange/Pineapple and Strawberry as of late. I tend to drink it after my workouts and I feel great afterwards!

LUNCH~ Green juice with one added fruit.

SNACK~ More fruit juices. I may try and stay away from fruits that are highly acidic

DINNER~ I am sure this will be different each day as by the end of the day I will be going off what my body tells me to do. Could be greens, fruits or both.

I am hoping at the end of these 3 days I will have resolved my tummy issue and I will see a noticeable difference in my skin in certain areas (legs). I am also hoping this detox will push out some toxins that may be hiding in my joints near my hips because my bursitis (which I'll get in to in another post) has been acting up horribly as of late. I will post daily as to how I am doing and feeling (energy wise).


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I am starting my 3 day Juice Feast tomorrow due to having an excess of fresh produce in my house that I don't want to go to waste!