Monday, October 19, 2009

My Banana frenzy! *cleanse*

Well, today is day three of my week long juice and or smoothie fest! I think I have found a combination that works well for me. Banana's seem to be key for me. I am really trying to move toward a low fat raw lifestyle and cut out some of the amazing raw gourmet dishes I make. As tasty as they are, my body cant handle the additional fat due to me being so sedentary. Hip Bursitis does not allow me to be very active. What I am hoping to do is to move to a high fruit, low fat lifestyle and let my body heal itself. Then I'll be more free to allow some great dishes back in my life. In moderation of course...and still 100% raw!

So for the past three days I have been blending 4 banana's, 2 dates and ice about 5-6 times a day. This is allowing me to feel like I am not depriving myself and giving me nearly 3000 calories a day. Yikes seems like alot and it makes me nervous. is cleansing me. With my diet alone, I detox but this is pretty nuts. My joints hurt in a way I cant even explain. I literally feel like a 90 year old woman. I slouch and limp. My hips are carrying an incredible amount of pain. Not to mention my back and shoulders.

So today is day three in which I am hoping will be about a week stint. I am taking it day to day and am not setting expectations on myself. I am going for as long as I can and for as long as my body feels it is reaping benefits. I am hoping however that my pain does not increase because it is borderline unbearable right now. Sitting is painful. I am hoping it IS in deed detox and not some actual physical problem that requires a bit more looking into.

Right now falling asleep in the bathtub sounds wonderful!
I shall keep things updated regularly with this week!