Friday, September 11, 2009

Feeling great!

I wanted to document how amazing I feel at this very moment. I think its important to write down in some kind of journaling fashion when you feel good. Some kind of resource you can go back to for proof that whatever it is your doing (eating good, exercising) is working! I am sitting in bed drinking my Carrot/Apple/Celery/Ginger juice I just squeezed  and I just felt compelled to document this very moment.

My body feels amazing. I feel light and powerful with this incredible amount of pure energy. My moods are fantastic and I am in a constant state of just bliss. You can imagine what this does for not only myself but the people around me as well. My relationship is great and thriving due to the incredibly positive attitudes we both have. While he is not Raw, I do like to make sure he eats healthier than he did in his previous days (while he was vegetarian,he ate the equivalent of the S.A.D, nothing but processed soy garbage). If it hasn't been made apparent, I DO NOT like soy products in the least. They are just another processed food that is, in my opinion, horrible for your body. I believe such products should be limited as much as possible, say, for holidays and such!  We do ALOT of fresh cooking and I am opening him up to new possibilities! We also work out regularly together which is just yet another form of us taking care of ourselves. It is remarkable how what we put in our bodies effects every aspect in our lives. Even when stresses come along, we can handle them better.

When we are feeling blue or upset at outside conditions we can have something to read back on. A moment when we felt so great its as if nothing can bring us down. We can then remind ourselves that things will be good again and that we are just at a fork in the road. I want to come back to this post sometime and say "I want to be 'There' again. Then I'll take the steps necessary to do so. Life will forever give us obstacles but if we create resources along the way we are setting ourselves up for future success!

Cheers and good health!