Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm offering a Kombucha Home brewing course!

How excited am I? I am in the process of making plans on teaching a home brewing course for Kombucha lovers. It is in the works for sometime in late November possibly early December.  I am just waiting to produce a couple more Scoby's (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) so I can then make them part of the cost of the class. I have seen time and time again people and companies offering to just sell Scoby's and I would like to not only offer them the Scoby but a basic understanding and foundation for future successful brewing.

I am thinking the cost of the class will be around $30-$40 and it will include

  • Scoby in the starter fluid
  • Small class size of no more than 10 persons
  • 1 hour lecture,conversation and Q and A
  • Detailed literature on successful brewing and trouble shooting
Being how their personal batches will not be brewed during the class, as part of the deal, I am offering to travel to their homes and get them started if they are not feeling comfortable on their own with the brewing process. The only equipment that will not be supplied to them is their glass containers and the handkerchiefs to cover the brew. I have not decided but I may or may not offer those for an additional cost at the class. I know it can be a pain to find the perfect glass container!

I will include more details as they are known. 

I am so excited about this on so many levels. I am eager to get my start as an educator on Raw Foods and this will be a step in the right direction. I, more than anything, just want to get the word out on this amazing lifestyle and give people the resources to move forward or continue their journey to a better way of living. I know it may seem a bit far fetched but I believe that if more people lived a lifestyle of pure and whole foods then this world be more like a Utopia, free from so many of the things that plague us as humans... including violence and ignorance. We could be a world filled with compassion, understanding and love... for all beings. 

Cheers and Good health,