Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Transition to a 'Low Fat Raw Vegan Lifestyle' (and looking good for Fall)

I would just like to start off by saying that I am feeling damn good. My body feels good and I am overall in a happy, positive mood. I enjoy life and am enjoying my new home here in Rocklin, California. I am enjoying the constant sun and blue skies. If I were still back in Seattle, I would have enjoyed my 2 months of partially overcast and already been well into fully cloudy skies and jackets. We will be moving into fall here shortly and I can say that with having had a full summer, I am actually looking forward to fall! With Fall however, comes my absolute favorite fashions. Great skirts with thick tights/knee highs and boots, great jackets and accessories!

Long story short, I need to lose 10 lbs stat to fit in to all my wonderful old clothes and shop for further ones! I have yet to tell my story here about how I came in to Raw foods and when this all happened to me. I will post here shortly my full story as I feel it is important to learn someone's story and background when considering following their advice. You may wonder why something works for me and not you when really it has to do with maybe the length of the lifestyle or other pertinent background info!

Super short story: I first went Raw a couple years ago and was 100% for almost exactly a year. Prior to that, I had been vegan for 6 years and vegetarian 15 (I am currently 30). With that said, I dropped 15lbs and was in the best shape of my life. I looked 20! Then some things happened in my life I wasnt ready for and on top of that, got what I thought at the time was 'my dream job' which worked me 70 hours a week. Not only was I now not Raw but I was a depressed and a junk food Vegan. I gained 30 (yes 30) pounds! Thats when I realized my 'dream job' was killing me and my new relationship and I had to get out. Enter me NOW! I chose to actually leave Seattle and get a fresh start back in my hometown of Sacramento. I packed my bags and my boyfriend and started over. So now, I am recently BACK to a 100% Raw foods lifestyle but not new to Raw Foods! I have dropped 15 pounds (Go ME!!!)  in 3 months and have regained my life back. I am not going back.... ever. I have seen my utopia and I have seen my hell. There are soo many more details to my story which I look forward to sharing with you but they will come a bit later.

My dilemma as of late is that I have been incorporating entirely way to many fats in my diet. I believe that just goes to show that you can still eat good healthy fats while losing weight! I however, am eating to many and while it may all be Raw, I am still looking for a healthier way of doing it. Just because you lead a Raw, Vegan or Vegetarian lifestyle doesn't mean you put the best things in your body! It's very easy to make wrong decisions at times.

With this being said I am making a pledge to move towards a lower fat Raw lifestyle. You may hear my mention either here or in my various forums I belong to that I dont (tend to) agree with people who move to this lifestyle for vanity reasons such as losing weight and losing weight only. It's this same reason you will hear me refer to Raw foods as a lifestyle, not a diet! I want people to move in this direction for the well being of themselves, the planet and the people around them.

I am here to say that I indeed do want to drop some pounds to get down to what I know is my healthiest weight(but you all know from previous posts my intentions of this lifestyle) and hope to do so by being healthier in my Raw decision making. Eating the amount of fat I am is simply not good for my body and I intend to change that!

You will notice me posting more information specifically geared to the low fact aspect of this lifestyle. I am not saying I wont make my desserts, main dishes and such, but I hope to include more information, articles, success stories and recipes on low fat choices!

My goal here is 10 lbs so lets see how fast I can do this simply by making a bit healthier choices. It's crazy to hear a Raw foodist say they have to make healthier choices. Like being Raw isn't good enough. Don't let it be discouraging. Do what you need to do and I say eat whatever the hell you want to eat in the Raw world at first. Whatever makes it easier for you to get to that raw point. It's when you are there comfortably that you can further make changes and tweek the food to better fit YOUR needs! Thats what I am doing!

Til Next time (soon I hope). Some things I want to cover include:

  • MSM and what I feel is insomnia brought on by it!
  • Wanting to start running again, even with Bursitis
  • My Story and where Raw food fits in and began in my life!
  • Great recipes I just have to get off my camera :)